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Citizens Under law, Deport Illegal Immigrants

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We, the Citizens of these United States of America, are asking for the immediate deportation of recently halted illegal immigrants set up by the Obama administration. We have allowed for years citizens from other countries to enter here illegally, taking work from American citizens, and free or cheap education for illegal students. NO taxes do they pay, and free health care is a tax payers burden. Currently there are between 7-20 million illegal immigrants set up throughout our country. and while we were founded by immigrants, laws now state they must apply for citizenship, pledge allegiance to our country, and pay taxes. The Men are also required to sign our service agreement for the military. Regardless of reason, they come, they stay, they never follow the law or apply for citizenship, and now they are being rewarded for it.  We , the American people are not against Immigration. In most cases it's good for the economy, and helps people who are not as fortunate. However, some, not all are fugitives from their own countries.They bring illegal drugs and gang activities to these United States. Recently in California, a law was passed to allow in state tuition for children of illegal immigrants that have resided in the state for more than a year, A law that was not needed if they were legal citizens that abide by our laws. Residency would apply automatically. We are not on a witch hunt, we are on a mission to rid our country of people who knowingly ignore our laws, put our citizens in danger, and take American jobs. The White House is giving them free passes to allow them to lie, and be rewarded for it. We no longer hold people accountable for their actions, we reward them for breaking our laws and entering our country illegally. We need enforcing our laws, take back our rights as citizens and speak out and force the government to listen. They are OUR government for OUR people, and yet, they do more to reward immigrants who are not legal citizens than we do our own. We are losing jobs daily, and the economy is getting worse with no hope of being corrected anytime soon. Please, being deporting again all illegal immigrants, and enforce the laws which were setup by our Forefathers. There are ways to make a clear and precise statement that "We , the American people, are against Illegal Immigration, but welcome Immigrants who lawfully follow our laws and apply for citizenship, pay taxes, earn an education, and make a living here. When American citizens are held accountable for their actions daily and thrown in jail when they disobey, so to should illegal immigrants when they ignore American policies.

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