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Heavy industrial railroad operations do not belong in a residential neighborhood

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In December 2014 BNSF Railroad purchased 288 acres of farm land in Saint Paul Park, MN which was zoned for residential development.  BNSF has every intention to install an Automotive Transfer Facility for 6,000 automobiles, which will operate 24/7/365 while surrounded by residential homes.  

BNSF Railroad notified the surrounding cities and townships of their plan in October 2016 with plans to break ground in March of 2017.  Their construction plans have not included an environmental impact study or give any consideration to the families living across the street.  The introduction of heavy industrial railroad operations will dramatically impact the enjoyment of our quiet community.  

The infiltration of heavy industrial operations on our small community will increase pollution concerns, noise and light nuisances, deterioration of property values and add unnecessary semi traffic in an area that is not planned for such operations.

The worst part of this situation is BNSF has indicated at every town hall discussion that they do not have to comply with any state, city, or local zoning ordinances, etc.  Our state representatives have told the residents that they sympathize with our plight but they are unable to assist in our predicament.  

With no help from our state representatives the residents are left to fight "Goliath" on our own.  

Please sign our petition and help this small community raise awareness against BNSF Railroad's bully tactics and stop their construction plans in their tracks!

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Below is the petition that is being circulated in our local community.  Please review and let your voice be heard!

We the undersigned are for quality residential living and peaceful enjoyment of nature and so have chosen to live in a rural setting in the Mississippi River Valley.  

  • Whereas, we are aware that progress and further development of our neighborhood is inevitable; we also acknowledge there are multiple options for development;
  • Whereas the urban history of the River and its surroundings was originally chiefly industrial and transportation oriented;
  • And whereas we now are in an era of strong movements to recapture the beauty of natural features of the River Valley. Just one example of those efforts include the 1988 formation of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area to protect the natural, historical, cultural, scenic, and more from damaging development;
  • Whereas the intended use of the BNSF property has been residential in all previous relevant planning;
  • Whereas the BNSF Plan for rail to highway-transport activity into and out of the site causing related noise and light pollution;
  • Whereas the proposed use is inappropriate for neighborhood plus the consequential semi traffic through miles of residential neighborhood;
  • Whereas there will be significant depressive economic impact on local rural residential property values;
  • Whereas the BNSF Plan to develop the site as industrial transshipping yard could be met in alternate more appropriate location;
  • Whereas the plan is significantly damaging to peaceful residential neighborhood use;

We ask our respective communities of Cottage Grove, St Paul Park, and Grey Cloud Island to form a legal class to be funded by those communities to seek an injunction against the BNSF development for any industrial use.

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