Support Honest Noida SSP Vaibhav Krishna

Support Honest Noida SSP Vaibhav Krishna

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We as Indians talk about integrity and honesty in this world of masses too, where corruption leads a pious role in the modern economy where every human talk about their basic rights as an Indian. India faces adverse issues because of corruption, which even affects the development of India where the survey records also states that 11% growth in a year, has been seen in the bribery records.

As the latter depicts the same picturesque of corruption, where an honest and respectful person SSP Vaibhav Krishna, young police Chief of Noida, have been put in the middle of controversy on Wednesday after at least three videos of an alleged sex chat with a woman, leaked online.

The honest Senior Superintendent Police Officer Krishna has been framed and has paid for his loyalty and honest services that he has given to Police Service Commission of India.

SSP Vaibhav Krishna has made rigorous efforts with his fierce deterrent criminal activities and raised his voice for the injustice and social offence, that immensely happening in India.

The below-mentioned highlights will make you believe about the bravery records of SSP Krishna with his uncountable achievements and efforts took in serving his duties diligently for the Indian Government.

1. He has raised his voice in regard to the illegal activities, criminal acts and extortion that insight in the Indian economy. Approx 15 people get arrested for extortion by threatening the people with rape charges which includes senior prosecutor, 3 constables, one sub-inspector and 2 women, who were acting as a key role in this case. This is one of the recent incidents which took place in Noida, and now such honest official who targets for making India- a corruption-free economy, targetted with such allegations which questioned the Indian Justice System.

2. The dramatic arrest of Mr Bhasin, the owner of the Grand Venice Mall who has done a fraudery act in the real estate sector. In this case, SSP Vaibhav Krishna took a charge and surprise everyone by the arrest of Gaurav Maini who is the director of big real estate companies.

3. In the massive operation of catching illicit Liquor, SSP Krishna took an initiative wholeheartedly and seized 18000 litres of Illicit Liquor which costs approx more than 1 crore which is the biggest catch in last few years in Noida.

4. SSP Krishna has set an example by holding 3 journalists and 2 inspectors red-handed in an extortion case.

5. SSP Krishna has cleaned the murk from Noida by curbing lots of fake call centers, and he took on priority after getting a charge of Police Chief for Gautam Buddha Nagar Noida.

6. SSP Vaibhav Krishna not only clean the dirt of the society but also raise the voice against the loopholes in the internal system too, which questioned the Indian Police Department after the lobby case which unveiled the murky details of the dark trade that is happening within the system which tends to transfer deals and make this as an activity of dark trade system, which might be one of the reason of putting a black dot on such an honest official of India by ruining his image and his kind work for making India corruption-free, put such fake allegations in order to ruin his public image.

7. SSP Krishna provides a picture of dirt against his own two constables of his department when he was SSP of Etawah, and unveiled the unearthly truth of illegal mining racket, where the police officials also take bribes and contribute in this illegal activity. This act again puts him in trouble as the jealousy for him day by day was enraged which might again be one of the reasons to state for this morphed sex video chat, and might SSP Vaibhav is just getting framed in this illicit act of dirt, and even we too are contributing to spoil or ruin the image of such honest police official.

Hence, instead of sharing these pictures and rumours, make your own statements by putting his work and duties that he has contributed till now to serve India, with his vigilant and brave acts and support him for his good and honest work, and use the technology and power of social media to support SSP Vaibhav Krishna for his fearless acts and duties.

The history of SSP Vaibhav Krishna provides him with a remarkable place in the Indian Police Department, but indirectly affects the culprits, since many public figures are involved, due to high political influence too, this might be one of the hatching conspiracy against him to settle his achievement score.

SSP Vaibhav Krishna is continuously doing good work so that crime can be controlled in the district and set examples by his bold acts by adopting new technology and even by facing new hardships which obstructs him to deliver his duties and ake contribution in making India corruption-free with a tag of place to live independently with respect and integrity.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!