Support amending the unjust 924(c)'s "stacking" laws

Support amending the unjust 924(c)'s "stacking" laws

March 20, 2014
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Dear Supporters,

     This petition asks for your support as we advocate for Congress to amend the U.S. criminal justice system's most heinous policy.

     This policy, 924(c), is a firearm enhancement provision that permits "stacking" 25 yr prison terms upon individuals  who have committed multiple offenses that were charged in the same indictment and prosecuted together in one proceeding.  This policy has led to approximately three thousand people receiving sentences that do not come close to fitting the crimes they've committed.  The legislative history of 924(c) clearly reveals that it was created to impose a harsher penalty upon those who are RECIDIVIST and or REPEAT OFFENDERS of this policy, not FIRST TIME OFFENDERS.  

     924(c)'s "stacking" provision has been scrutinized and criticized by the vast majority of individuals who are aware of its heinous nature.

     On numerous occasions the Judicial Conference Committee has urged Congress to amend the, "draconian penalties established by section 924(c) by making it a TRUE RECIDIVIST statute, if not rescinding it altogether."

   Two members of Congress, (Representatives Robert Scott-VA 3rd and John Conyers-MI 14th), have, in two separate congressional terms, submitted legislative bills seeking to amend this policy's severe sentencing structure.  Bill's H.R. 2933 and 2398-(The Firearm Recidivist Sentencing Act of 2009 and 2011, respectively) were drafted to ensure that, "the 25 yr mandatory minimum for REPEAT OFFENDERS apply only to individuals if they have been PREVIOUS CONVICTED of and SERVED a PRISON SENTENCE for a 924(c) offense." 

     Even Congress' own expert advisors-The United States Sentencing Commission, has repeatedly urged Congress to, "eliminate mandatory "stacking" of penalties under 924(c)."  The Commission has repeatedly recommended that, "these extra 25 yr mandatory minimum sentences for RECIDIVISM apply only to defendants with a PRIOR 924(c) violation."

     924(c) was created in 1968, making its life span 46 yrs and counting.  This policy was proposed, voted on, and passed in one day.  One day!  It has taken 46 yrs to fix a one day problem.  The time is now to correct the inhumane and grossly disproportionate penalties resulting from 924(c)'s "stacking" provision.  We the people bear the responsibility of seeing that Congress correct this injustice.

     By signing this petition your voice and vote sends the message that you favor and support the amending of 924(c)'s "stacking" provision and retroactive application of this amendment.

     We thank you for your love/support and pray that you will encourage others to sign this petition and join us in our fight for justice, equality, and the restoration of human lives.

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This petition had 3,891 supporters

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