Petition Closed
Petitioning Attorney General Eric Holder and 4 others

Stamp our hearts with Trayvon Martin's by selecting a forever Stamp.

The Committee's primary goal is to select subjects of broad national interest for recommendation to the Postmaster General that are both interesting and educational. Trayvon paid with his life by just walking home and most of America agree. Send a bigger message of collectively healing America and issue this healing stamp an attempt of including young black men new found hope of being a part of the American Dream.

Letter to
Attorney General Eric Holder
Philadelphia Metro Area/Cathy Yarosky Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe/
Debbie Fetterly South Florida media
and 2 others
Manager, Eastern Area Paul Smith
Manager, Western Area John Friess
Stamp our hearts forever with Trayvon Martin's by selecting a forever Stamp.