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PicCivic....towards a more responsible me

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At birth most of us are born with five senses, exceptional few with sixth sense but none is born with civic Sense. 

Civic sense is nothing but social ethics or the unspoken norms of society. It is not just about keeping the roads, streets and public property clean but also has to do with abiding with law, respecting others point of view maintaining decorum in public places. Individualism, vandalism, intolerance, racism, road rage etc. are all examples of lack of civic sense. People are becoming less and less tolerant of each other, of other's cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs and behaviour.

 Disregard for the law is a primary cause for lacking civic sense. The current state of public transport, for example, is disheartening. There are spit marks, urine, vulgar graffiti, random garbage and overflowing sewers at every nook and corner. No one is to be blamed but ourselves for this condition. We put the waste or wrappers in the bin lying in kitchen and teach our children to do so but overlook when the child throws it on the road. We should realize that teaching civic sense is as important as warning him against fire. Latter harms him directly whereas lack of knowledge of civic sense can or rather has proved catastrophic for society.

Roads are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but they are strewn with garbage because we threw the muck in the first place. As human beings such dirt and grime is not acceptable to us but it still exists around us because we accuse everybody for it and wanting someone to remove it.

The need of the hour therefore is to effectively address the problem discouraging behaviour that is detrimental to the country as a whole by instilling a set of values that can lead to creating the ‘right’ mindset in people spread across the country which is an essential prerequisite in building our nation. We should not only make a promise to self that, "I will not only do the right thing but I will also stop others from doing something wrong. We need a sense of ownership, belonging and pride in our country. Values must be reinforced by various means foremost among them being one’s ability to be a living example.



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