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Change the Name of Robert E. Lee High School

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Citizens of Tyler, TX and people across the globe, it is time to make a difference. It is time to step up and change the world one small step at a time. It is time to stand up against ignorance and racism. Our school is currently named Robert E. Lee High School. This name represents decades of oppression, racism, pain, and loss. With a school so filled to the brim with wonderful opportunities, why plague it with such a detrimental name? Not only is the name overflowing with negative connotation, but it is unrepresentative of our beautiful city. How is "Robert E. Lee High School" symbolic of the breathtaking, thriving town we reside in? Why not a name that matches the beauty of this city? For example, Azalea High or Rose City High School. These names reflect aspects of the city that make it so marvelous. Things that make people from all over the country flock to our wonderful brick streets brimming with captivating flowers. These are names we can all be proud of. Names we can rejoice over. Names that elicit a smile from each and every one of us as we pass our prodigious school resting on the corner of Donnybrook and the Loop. Not names that cause a vast number of people to feel pain and unease. Its time to leave behind decades of division and unite under a name that makes us reflect on the beauty of Tyler, TX. As this city and our schools undergo revisions, improvisions, and growth, we too must grow. It is time to grow. 

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