Give our children a beautiful, living planet: Sign the Universal Citizens’ Call to Action

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We, citizens of the world, are many to have been shocked by the cry of a group of over 15.000 scientists from 184 countries, who, in November of 2017, alerted the world of the catastrophic, man-made deterioration of the environment. It is now up to us, actors of change, to bring this cry of alarm to the center of the international stage. We must incite governments, as well as economic and financial leaders, to make concrete, measurable decisions, across every sector, to ensure life on earth for present and future generations. The time to act is now.  

Let us take on our responsibilities, each of us, in a concrete way, immediately and without compromise.

Make it happen through visible actions, now, near us, in our daily lives.

Unite our strengths to catalyze a planetary movement of actions!

Together, we have the potential to stop the destruction of the natural world and to take care of the very fabric of life. Let us mobilize each and every one of our forms of intelligence, goodwill, heartfelt motivations, strengths and qualities so that their call does not remain a dead letter!

Let us mobilize around the Citizens’ Call to act and to gather the maximum number of signatures possible. All together, we will ensure not only our survival on this planet, but also a life of quality.

To become part of the movement and to collectively create a better future, it’s simple!

1. Sign the Universal Citizens’ Call.

2. Act with daily eco-gestures, take initiatives and make commitments.

3. Share and inspire this dynamic all around you.


Sign and create a united will of survival on this planet, let us

send a strong message to governments and to the economic and financial sectors.

                                     Let’s start with 1 million citizens !


A sincere thank you, and bravo, for you are an agent of change, serving the greater good, serving life, for yourself, today, and for all of our children tomorrow.


We citizens,

Andrea Hernández Díaz, Benjamin de Broissia, Benjamin Béziat, Frédéric Laurent, Gilles Perrin, Pascale Leportier, who are indignant in face of the deterioration endured by our planet and the living conditions for humanity, indignant by the apathy of the majority of governments, economic and financial decision-makers and citizens of the world, have decided to get engaged. We have decided to make concrete changes in our lives so as to participate in the making of a more just world. Conscious that this indignation, this daily worry and this desire to act are shared by many of us on this earth, we want to federate a movement of worldwide citizen action and bring all levels of decision-making to reposition themselves, and concretely take the necessary steps to catalyze veritable change in order to ensure the survival of our planet.   


What human being could be against such a change?

We are launching our call in unison with the 9th edition of the Planetary Week for a Better World ( . Discover more on the Call, as well as ideas for concrete actions, on this site.

Photo credit: ©Kate