Cut off Russia's sale of Oil and Gas (40% of their GDP)

Cut off Russia's sale of Oil and Gas (40% of their GDP)

March 2, 2022
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Started by Tj Lydon

Tell your governments that you will be happy to pay more at the pump for gas to punish Putin and put an end to war.

40% of Russia's GDP comes from you and I purchasing oil and gas that has been imported from there.(1)

All the sanctions that have been put on Russia have not included exports of oil and gas because our politicians are afraid we will be upset by rising prices. Tell them we will pay those higher prices to end war. 

Russia is trying to take Ukraine away from the citizens of Ukraine by force. Russia is using vacuum bombs to kill innocent civilians which is a war crime. This must be stopped.

We all know that NATO will not step in and fight Russia due to the fear of Nuclear War. 

We need to come together and make laws banning the import of Russian Oil and Gas all over the world. Oil and Gas makes up 40% of the Russian economy. They will not be able to continue this war without that income. By not banning imports we are all complicit in Russia's acts of aggression.

This will hurt us at the gas pump, gas prices will rise.

I ask you if you really cared about the situation in Ukraine ask your legislatures to ban the imports of Russian Oil and Gas, at the very least impose a huge tariff. 

Putin has been accused of using Thermobaric bombs in Ukraine. Russia used them in its war in Chechnya in 1999 and was condemned by Human Rights Watch for doing so. The US also used them in 2001 to try to destroy al-Qaeda forces hiding in the caves of the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan. (2)

A thermobaric bomb is also called a vacuum bomb, also called an aerosol bomb or fuel air explosive, consists of a fuel container with two separate explosive charges.
This can be launched as a rocket or dropped as a bomb from aircraft. When it hits its target, the first explosive charge opens the container and widely scatters fuel mixture as a cloud.
This cloud can penetrate any building openings or defenses that are not totally sealed. A second charge then detonates the cloud, resulting in a huge fireball, a massive blast wave and a vacuum which sucks up all surrounding oxygen. The blast is so terrible it can vaporize human bodies even if those people are hiding in buildings and shelters. (2)

Putin pays for his wars with money earned through selling us oil and gas. We have helped Putin purchase these weapons.

Lets all Pay the Price to End War!


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Signatures: 235Next Goal: 500
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