Stop Dog Fighting

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There are dogs in our world that are being brutally beaten, abandoned, drowned, electrocuted, set on fire, and shot. If you have any compassion please help and sign this petition. 

We need to stop the fights. Approximately 16000 dogs are being killed in the United states because of dog fights. They are raised on a short chain with only a plastic barrel to protect from the harsh weather. Some dogs are given at least some basic vet care and nutrition, but there are also some dogs that are starved and isolated from all other dogs.

When the dogs are just puppies they are put in a controlled fight with another dog that is usually quite a bit smaller and stolen from someones backyard. The fight is to see if the pup has any incline to fight and if they don't they are abandoned or killed on the spot. 

During the fights the dogs are heavily drugged to enhance aggression and mask the pain the may suffer from their opponent. Once a dog loses, he is tortured in the ring as part of the entertainment and then after, thrown on to the streets and forgotten. 

Lots of previous fighting dogs are rescued but many have been scarred or wounded beyond repair and are put down for their own good. Some of the dogs that are in better shape are treated and then brought through many test to qualify them for a foster family. The dogs have to have a very mild temper or fear of others to be able to have a second chance.

In a typical fight the dogs come out with severe bruising, deep puncture wounds and broken bones. The fights can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours. People who are invested into dog fighting usually put in up to $30000 into one fight and many times they will either come out with up to $100000 or absolutely nothing. 

These dogs are put through such a hard life for nothing. What have they done to deserve this treatment. So please help these dogs and sign the petition and make a change