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Recall United States Senator Kelly Ayotte.

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For transparency of the NH Judicial and Legal system requries strict adherence to the law, the State and Federal Constitutions, the Judicial and Attorney Canons and Rules of Conduct. In 2003, the NH Judicial Branch perpertrated racial bias and discrimination in violation of Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by ordering a 6 year old Black child to attend a high minority, racially imbalance, persistently failing school in an urban neighborhood plagued by drugs, gangs and crime in another state because of his African American race and skin color. and refused to allow the father to be involved in the child's upbrining even though he retained joint legal and physical custody. To cover up the lower court's racial bias, the entire NH Supreme Court affirmed the decision, but would not publish an opinion as to why. Further fraudulence, corruption and cover-up of the court decision was perpertrated by the Judicial and Professional Conduct Committees and the NH U.S. Attorney's Office who refused to provide proper remedy and relief for the blatant denial of equal education against the white court officials involved. The father was even required to transport his child across state lines to the inferior performing school during his alternate week of legal and physical custody. To add insult to injury, then NH Attorney General, now U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte had the father falsely charged and arrested for protesting too long, loudly, and harshly criticizing the state and federal government officials involved. The criminal charges were so maliciously false and the warrant process so corrupt, the father was acquitted at the end of the state's case without having to put on a legal defense. The State has since sought to invoke Sovereign Immunity to protect itself against monetry damages and liability for the First Amendment retaliatory arrest and malicious prosecution that actually violated 18 USC 245/Federally Protected Activiities. Join in this petition to demand the recall of U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and the immediate termination of Asst NH AG James Boffetti and criminal investigators G. Michael Bahan (state's well known dirty trickster) and John Hannigan. See Holder v. State, 11-1453, currently pending a decision in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Before Tipton v. Aaron and Dansby v. Dansby, there was the Matter of Holder and Holde , 02-M-0032.

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