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End the Cuban occupation of Venezuela

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Today, Venezuela is hostage to a takeover by the totalitarian government of Cuba. The occupation has been enabled by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and their officials in power. Democracy has been eroding in Venezuela for the last 18 years, culminating in a d' facto coup d'etat by the illegal Constitutional Assembly. The legitimate power of the National Assembly (legislative body) has been annulled illegally by President Maduro and his puppet Supreme Court. Maduro and the top officials on his cabinet are frequent guests of La Havana, trips that have not been authorized by the National Assembly as per the current Venezuelan Constitution. All of the President's security ring is made out of Cuban special forces, Cuban "consultants" have taken over the oil business, mining, agro industry, energy production, food and medicine import operations, intelligence police, electoral auditing, national property registry and national identification documents responsibilities. The effects of this occupation (otherwise enabled by the seditious Presidential Cabinet), have been beyond devastating for the Venezuelan people. All aspects of the Venezuelan life have been reduced to rubble. There's no food production, with the occupation body controlling the caloric intake and who get's the supply (by means of the "patriotic ID card"), the less fortunate and most proud, rummage through the refuse. Cancer, transplant and HIV patients are dying at an unprecedented rate for lack of medicine. Even manageable chronic diseases have become a death sentence. While this is happening, the Cubans receive more than $5 billion a year in "consulting fees" and other expenses. Once a thriving and happy country have been reduced to a failing state creating one of the most serious refugee crisis in the continent (Venezuelans roam the streets of the capitals of the world escaping their tragedy only to become unwanted and homeless foreigners). The cruelty of this situation continues to grow, under the "patient" sight of the governments of the world. Statements of "worry", and calls to dialog will not solve this situation, sanctions on the Venezuelan people will cause more death and exodus. This petition aims to call all citizens of the free world to demand from their governments to publicly denounce what their intelligence apparatus already knows. Venezuela is an occupied country and the totalitarian government of Cuba must be denounced and treated accordingly. And this must be done firmly, in non equivocal terms and  expeditiously, for the Venezuelan tragedy must be stopped.

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