Renew Kathy Perini's Contract as Superintendent of Temple City Unified District

Renew Kathy Perini's Contract as Superintendent of Temple City Unified District

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Nancy Kong
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Temple City Unified School District's Board of Education has decided to not renew the contract of Superintendent Kathy Perini (4-1). As friends and colleagues of Ms. Perini, we are asking for your support, signatures, and attendance at the next TCUSD Board of Education meeting. Ms. Perini has dedicated her career to the Temple City Unified School District since she was the principal of Emperor Elementary in 1993 up until she was unanimously voted to fill the role of superintendent in 2014. She has (to quote the TCUSD Board of Education in their decision to not renew Ms. Perini's contract) "worked tirelessly to help guide and shape the future of Temple City Schools " and "has been a staple, an absolute bedrock in this community for countless years."

The TCUSD board members need to feel the pressure from her supporters. We must have as many people as possible attend the Board of Education meeting on April 18th to rally in her defense during Public Comment. So please invite friends, students, parents, family, and community members to this event.

*IN ADDITION, please call or speak to board members of TCUSD to show our discontent. Do not send emails, as they will just be deleted or not viewed. Phone calls will be more powerful. Board Members Marston, Goold, Knollenberg, and Huff need to hear the respectful voices of the students, parents, family, and friends of the Temple City Unified School District and come to understand that they have made a mistake in their decision. We respect their service just as much as they should respect and honor the life work and dedication of our outstanding Superintendent.

Thank you for your support!!