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Bring ETHICS and MORALS back to Seneca County politics. We deserve better!

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"That's just politics" is no longer acceptable. Citizens deserve to be presented with facts and real issues facing their communities. Elected officials have an obligation to gather and provide fact-based information to constituents and condemn the smear tactics which plague our political landscape. 

Lies, manipulation and personal attacks are unethical and demoralizing. Your elected officials need be held accountable for partaking, encouraging and allowing these acts which mislead the Public and feed the distrust so many citizens now have with our political system. We deserve fact-based information from our elected officials. 

It is time the People stand up, with a united voice, to those who pride themselves as public officials and leaders of our communities. It is time Seneca County citizens have a voice and back door politics is called out. Silence is acceptance. Allowing such behaviors and actions because of fear, only empowers those who believe that intimidation and manipulation are acceptable leadership qualities.

I am personally disheartened by recent actions and behaviors of some of our elected officials. I am discouraged by the continued division in our county. I am frustrated with political smear tactics recently used which are void of facts we as voters need to make informed decisions. I want to see INTEGRITY and MORALS brought back to Seneca County and that won't happen if we continue to stay silent. 

I hope you will join me in my cause to hold our elected officials accountable, insist on fact-based information, and put the best interest of our citizens before the political agendas plaguing our county. You deserve better!

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