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Help Create Global Sexual and Social Equality

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Every day, thousands of men, women and children, boys and girls, of all ages fall victim to acts of violent, sexual, mental and physical assault. It comes in varying degrees of "severity", causes various degrees of instability, and violates every right to safety and respect we all deserve. We all deserve an even level of basic rights, and whether they be social, cultural, gender based or otherwise, humanity will fall if we can not stand together. If we can not reach a point of equality, we will surely cause an end to each other and ourselves. As our population increases, uneducation, poverty, drug-abuse, homelessness, racism, sexism, hate, jealousy and general inequality increase at an equal, if not advanced rate. These problems, alongside many others, cause people to commit acts of violent, sexual, mental and physical assault. This in essence, is what the #metoo tag has shone a light on. We have managed to spread an awareness with admirable execution.

Awareness is the beginning to finding a solution. Without knowledge, you can not create action and without action, you will never find a solution. #Metoo spreads awareness, but if we do not act now, the awareness and desire for change will die out. Much like the #ALSIceBucket and other trending tags, without action, #Metoo will inevitably die in the mind of the public. This is not insensitive, it is just a fact of human nature. So with this recognized, how should we seek action and solution?

Some say you should attack fire with fire, but that only works metaphorically. In truth, you must treat fire with water, rinse and repeat. Only by extinguishing a problem, can you guarantee the survival of the forest around it. With something like assault, abuse and inequality, the coals keeping it alive are buried deep in our being. Our society even supports it to some extent, solely by refusing to treat it appropriately. We shame, punish and persecute those who commit the actions, and try in vain to comfort those who have been victimized. To solve this, would it not work better if we treated the coals themselves instead of kicking the fire and comforting the trees around the flame?

To divert any issue at the source, we need to educate and inform, and solve any causation before it can take effect. To remove assault, abuse and sexual and social inequality from life on earth, we must educate and inform, and solve any causation before it can take effect. That means taking any situation which could instill a desire to commit violent, sexual, mental and physical assault, to degrade another human, to refuse rights, act with racist or malicious intent, or instill this desire in others, we must take the situation and change it. And we can only do this together. Together, we are strong, but alone, we surely fall.

The only way to prevent abominations from occurring, is to create global equality and freedom. The only way to keep children from growing into adults who rape, degrade and violate, is to give them the education and opportunity they need to grow into strong, respectful adults with a sense and desire of purpose. We can continue to allow poverty, inequality, uneducation, resentment and hate to roam free, treating the aftermath of violent, sexual, mental and physical assault as we have for so many generations, or we can stand together, and help our human race overcome the limiting negative forces we have succumbed to.

We all need to work together. We need you to work with us. We must work together to reshape law, to reshape perspective, and to reshape focus. Only together, will we reshape human action. Only together will we turn this awareness into action, and find solution to the problems society faces.

Please sign this petition to act against sexual and social inequality today.

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