A Muslim-Free Zone for “Kaffirs/Non-Muslims to Live.

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Leonard Saunders
Leonard Saunders signed this petition

We the signers, “Kaffirs/Non-Muslims, are declaring the entire North & South American Continents as Muslim Free Sanctuaries.  

We are declaring this essential need as , “Kaffirs/Non-Muslims”, so all have somewhere to live without fear of Muslim Radicals, Muslims praying in the streets blocking traffic, or Sharia Law.

Islam in our opinion is not a religion, but an ideologically incompatible polical organization that calls for the conversion, or death of all Non-Followers, Atheists, Christians, and any other opposing ideologies or religions. 

First of all, I do not hate Followers of Islam as individuals. I do believe we cannot live together within the same continents. 

For the Followers of Islam to know peace within our nation(s), r even on the same Continent, we offer the only path to that end.

We are told Muslims want to live beside us within our Country,  or on the same Continents, & to that we will agree, but we have non-negotiable conditions. 

1st. When all religions can preach freely in every Muslim nation without retribution. 

2nd. When all Arab Nations recognize Israel, & Israel’s capital being Jerusalem. 

3rd. When no woman Muslim or not, never is required to wear a Hijab in public again & Female Mutilation is banished & policed in its entirety.

4th.  When a woman who is raped is understood to be the victim & the Muslim Man is found guilty and sentenced to the same punishment as any woman has been, or would be, Muslim of not.

5th.   When Muslims no longer live separate from fellow citizens and assimilate completely with Western ideals & customs.

6th.  When any Member of the LGBT Community can walk the streets of every Muslim Nation without worry of retribution or fear.

7th.   When women have equal rights to men in the courts of every Muslim Country &  the children are awarded equally to a woman’s custody during a divorce settlement.

8th.   Where women can choose who they will marry without retribution from the family, no marriage to women under the age of 18yrs of age. The elimination of  bequeathed marriage arrangements & no marriage contracts.

9th.   When a Follower of Islam is free to choose another belief system or become an Atheist without fear of death or retribution.

10th.  When all Followers of Islam only can take one wife by faith in all Muslim Nations or all others.

11th.  All Muslim Nations must end “Honor Killings, Stoning, & Rape of Women & Men as punishment. All Muslim Nations must outlaw Sodomy & Pedophilia.

12th.  When the words calling for conversion to Islam or death, are forever struck from the Quran forever as the same should be done within all religious texts throughout the World.

13th.  When all individuals may choose to follow the faith of their choosing within all the Muslim Countries & World only then may we be neighbors within the borders of any Country.

Only then will we call you our Country man or allow you to live on the Continents of either North or South America. Until then we are calling for a purging of Islam from the Continents of North & South America. Only then will we not require all Followers of Islam to be re-patriated to to Muslim Nations. Only then will we recognize Islam as a religion of Peace and not an opposing political ideology cloaked in lies & deception & unfit to occupy even one inch of U.S. or American continental soil as citizens, refugees, students, as immigrant workers, as vacationers or tourists, or any other identifier within the mainlands or territories of either North & South America. You are not welcome. If need be we will fight to remove you from these Continents through the courts or on the streets should it come down to that.

Until all these conditions have been 100% met, We will treat you in my homeland as all “Enemies of the State”. Regardless of how my  Elected Representatives coddle you and promote a brotherhood of like ideologies - you are my enemy, you are not welcome.


You may ask, “Am I my brothers keeper? Am I responsible for the Extremist who hide under the name of Islam?” My answer is, “Yes you are, as are all Followers of Islam.” 

Do not make us take up arms against you here in the United States or on either of the two continents of North & South America, leave peacefully whether a citizen, refugee, a permanent immigrant, a student, here illegally, or on a work permit.


We believe western society & Muslims should live as the “Yin & Yan” symbol. As one but within separate regions of the World in peace & trade. Leave all Nations not previously Muslim before the year 1776 & we can know peace on Earth. Refuse and we are enemies unto death. The choice is yours. 


We believe we can live in a world of “Yin & Yan”, but not as neighbors occupying the same Countries or Continents until all these conditions have been met 100%. Not promised, met.


To that end: We’re going to really make everyone’s day. We’re going to declare the entire North & South American Continents, a Muslims Free Sanctuary so “Kaffirs -

Non-Muslims” have somewhere to live without fear of Muslim Radicals, Muslims praying in the streets blocking traffic, call to prayers over loud speakers, Muslim controlled areas, Sharia Law, or calls for Sharia Law do not exist ever.