SAVE NH DAIRY FARMS! Tell Your Grocer You Want to Buy “New Hampshire’s Own” Dairy!

SAVE NH DAIRY FARMS! Tell Your Grocer You Want to Buy “New Hampshire’s Own” Dairy!

November 19, 2019
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Citizens of New Hampshire
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Why this petition matters

Fifty years ago, New Hampshire had 850 dairy farms. Today only 94 remain. The dairy crisis is shuttering generations-old dairies across New Hampshire as a result of low milk prices, the popularity of alternative dairy products, increasing supply, and decreasing demand. 

If we continue to lose New Hampshire dairy farms, we will also lose much of our state’s scenic, pastoral landscape, and rural character. Successful dairy farms keep New Hampshire’s land open, safeguard our beautiful fields and valleys from overdevelopment, and employ thousands of people.

Did You Know?

A large majority of the milk sold in New Hampshire is actually produced out of state. New Hampshire dairy farms face competition from nearby states that produce more milk than their population consumes. And because the milk market is set up on regional bases, our 94 granite state family farms are at a disadvantage.

Will You Pay 50 Cents for New Hampshire?

The “New Hampshire’s Own” dairy premium program, created by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, allows you, the consumer, to help New Hampshire dairy farmers by paying a premium of 50 cents a gallon—with 7 cents of that taken out to advertise the program and the remaining 43 cents going directly back to our dairy farmers.

The “New Hampshire’s Own” logo certifies that the milk you’re buying is wholesome, 100% Grade A milk that directly benefits New Hampshire dairy farmers.

Let your grocer know you want to purchase “New Hampshire’s Own” milk and you’re willing to pay 50 cents extra to support New Hampshire farmers.

It's up to us to tell our grocery stores we want to buy “New Hampshire’s Own” milk and support the local farmers that live and work in our community.

Granite State Residents: Show Your Support for Local Dairy by Signing Your Name and Sharing. #Ask4NHDairy at Your Local Grocery Store. Support New Hampshire Farmers.

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Support now
Signatures: 15,151Next Goal: 25,000
Support now