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PETITION: Mississauga City Council to Lift the Ban on Uber & Other Ride-Sharing Services

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Today, the Mississauga City Council Voted in order to ban Uber X Services, and all other services alike, and they were successful. Using reasons regarding insurance and safety, that have all been proven to be wrong after countless court battles regarding Uber in Toronto, the Mississauga City Council believes banning Uber will be beneficial. Us citizens know, that is not true. Uber has offered the citizens of Mississauga an extremely easy and much better transportation service then that of MiWay or local taxi compaines. The hope is that after this petition exceeds many limits, it will be impossible for City Council to ignore the need us Citizens have for Uber X services after knowing and seeing how beneficial they can be. As adults, we should be able to choose for ourselves if this should be banned, put in pilot programs, or anything other then the amazing service we are used to. The benefits of Uber are profound, reaching from a safe, fast, and efficient way of transporting, to an alternative for nights out with friends, where there is a responsible, cheap, and safe way home. MISSISSAUGA CITY COUNCIL, THIS IS MORE THEN THE MONEY, THIS IS A CITIZEN LIFESTYLE CHOICE. SHARE THIS PETITION. (news article:

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