Historic Preservation and Restoration, Revival of Lahore

Historic Preservation and Restoration, Revival of Lahore

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Started by Soha Safdar

Lahore, cultural capital of Pakistan is one of the most important centers of architecture. The monuments built in Lahore present the culmination of local and central Asian tradition resulting in a most powerful independent style. The city has rightly earned its motto “Lahore Lahore hay" honoring its uniqueness. Home to 11 million people, today Lahore is a vista of glitzy tower, bumper to bumper traffic, the much hyped Orange Line train project, but in the shadow of accelerating infrastructure development, the city is losing some of its celestial architectural treasures. Almost 50 percent of the old architecture of walled city has been replaced by shopping centers and markets. The so called development is steadily eating up heritage sites. Even international organizations like UNESCO have expressed concern over the possible damage to several heritage sites.

As proud citizens of Lahore, I Soha Safdar along with my fellow group members Rayyan, Rohaan, Abubakr, Khezran, and Taha  of Lahore Grammar School Phase V Defence urge the government of Pakistan to review its urban development plans, and projects that violate the laws devised to protect historic buildings and sites.

Please help us by signing this petition and bringing the issue into government’s notice.

Sustainable Cities Group

Lahore Grammar School, Defence.

4,226 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!