Restrict Movement of Oil Tankers and Heavy Duty Trucks to hours within 10pm to 5am

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The city of Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria, is comfortably ensconced on a ticking time bomb. Nigeria as a country is too bothered by cheap politics than traffic regulations.

Momentarily we "remind" ourselves about traffic situations around us on recreational round tables, we even create jokes from the situations. Never mind the environmental hazards caused by combustions from oil tankers and heavy duty trucks on a daily basis, never mind the momentary accidents every now and then which we play lip service to. Never mind the negligence of the power broker capitalists of Nigeria who don't owe Nigerians a duty of care in carrying out their daily commercial activities, with little or no consideration for corporate social responsibility, never mind that the Federal Road Safety Corps' "safety requirements/guidelines for articulated lorries (tankers/trailers) operations" in Nigeria is mere paperwork, obviously another forgotten documentation.

Never mind?! I not only hear horrid stories about Apapa congested traffic situations, I also experience the fear of going toe to toe, neck and neck with these heavy duty trucks and oil tankers in public transports, even when riding with friends, but it's  what we live with everyday, until, only until a tragic happenstance occurs, then it becomes glaring that red flags from traffic situations are being tolerated, seen as another crazy Lagos ordeal that we seem to manage so well in our SUVs, whilst wearing the latest Versace dresses, Louis Vuitton bags and shoes and the latest Brazilian hair dos. We walk, work, live and tour around clad in the latest fashion trends amidst lawlessness!

Dear Nigerians, dear Lagosians it's time to stay woke! It's time to bring back normalcy into our daily traffic sojourns. It's time to insist that the Federal and State Government implement policies restricting movement of "articulated lorries" on major roads and high/express ways in major cities and even rural settlements in Nigeria within the hours of 10pm to 5am.

It's time to resort to rail and even sea transportation. There are existing transport alternatives which can become active.

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