Dismiss Pinarayi Vijayan's fascist government

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Pinarayi Vijayan is using iron fist methods to run the government.

The police are used as a militant force to suppress the protests of the devotees of Sabarimala who are defending their traditions. The government of Pinarayi has earlier kept on hold the implementation of court orders citing technical reasons or no reasons. The order for increasing the salary of nurses in Kerala to minimum 20,000 rupees is not implemented in full even after 16 months. The Bonakaadu cross removal from unauthorized land has not been done in full citing religious sentiments.

But only for Sabarimala the Pinarayi government is showing undue enthusiasm by using iron fist methods against devotees and indulging in hate speech that the agitation by devotees is to protect high caste interests. Thus Pinarayi Vijayan is using casteism card to further divide the state.

Nearly 3750 people have been arrested by the police and this is an alarming amount given the fact that Sabarimala was a peaceful place where devotees came and went without any bad incident so far.

The government of Pinarayi Vijayan that is hell bent on carrying out is own atheist agenda by trampling the traditions of Sabarimala using iron fist methods deserves to be dismissed and Governor's rule should be brought in place. 

Please dismiss Pinarayi Vijayan's fascist government and save Kerala.