One country one rule

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Dear Citizens of Jamshedpur. 

Tatas might be running a parallel municipality in the city of Jamshedpur since decades but I would like to put my points for thought please .

1. Are Tatas maintaining the whole city or Discriminating between their Command area and Bagaan area. If yes then why there is a clear visible difference between these two areas. Can they provide their annual budget marked for these two areas. 

2. Recently Jusco the subsidiary unit responsible for maintaining the township started installing water meter. It's a very good initiative but why didn't they start it with the households directly under their area. Till date there are no water metres installed even in their MD residence forget the VIP and other officers. 

3. Roads and street lights. I request you all to take a drive from Northern town to Baridih. Or from any Jusco area like Kadma C H Area Bistupur etc to non command areas like Kagalnagar Sonari Jugsalai sitaramdera bhalubasa etc. You can see a clear difference in roads and street lights road divider etc. Why should be there a Discremation .

4. Budget allocation from Tata Steel to Jusco under Commercial Agreement for maintaining the township. Can Jusco show the various heads under which they are spending this amount. 

5. And my last point. Can there be a different rule for a city in India. If yes then there are other business houses also. Let the Govt offer them Townships to maintain. If personally as Rajesh Bahadur assures the law making agencies that I'll handle the criminals in a better way, will the Govt allow me to take law in my hand. 

In nutshell let the Govt agencies do their job and Tatas concentrate in what they are good that is making steel. Nothing personal against the Tatas but rule should be rule. Nothing is hidden.

Rajesh Bahadur 

A responsible Indian