Stop the Costly Highway Expansion of Sylva, North Carolina

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Our local government of Sylva, North Carolina, alongside Western Carolina University, is currently pushing an expensive construction of a six-lane highway from Sylva all the way to the college campus in Cullowhee. This will be disaterous to residents and business owners alike, potentially putting 55+ establishments out of business.

The proposed highway would not only cause physical distraction to the town, but detrimental economic casualties, taking away hundreds of jobs by closing down local family-owned businesses. This will drive full-time members of our community away- ones who have lived here their entire lives- due to lack of job opportunities and loss of income.

Mayor, Maurice Moody, and WCU announced that the construction would be for traffic purposes, catering to the college for their events and daily traffic. Mayor Moody has claimed it would be "progress". However, what progress should involve wiping out businesses in a town that she was elected to serve, in exchange for a highway that would do far more harm than good to our established community?

As a resident of Sylva, I propose that our existing highway should not be expanded to the detriment of any local businesses. As citizens, we demand to keep the town as it is. Eliminating our town's businesses will not only hinder the income of our local community in addition to the tax burden this structure would impose- but risk lowering our town's population, and incidentally decreasing SCC and WCU's enrollment as well. Let's keep our town the way it has been for years- the way we have always loved it... with the accessible four lanes that we have used for decades.

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