Local Fruit Must Be Protected and Preserved

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This petition is proudly made by Albey, Aurel Paramita, Aurel PO, Chelsea, Lovelyn,  student of 9 Habakkuk, Saint John Catholic School BSD from our collective concern and love for the preservation of our local fruit.




One of the advantages of Indonesia being on the equator is a fertile country. Indonesia is very suitable as a producer of productive food needs. Since ancient times, Indonesia has been famous for its abundant and diverse wealth, one of which is the types of fruits. It is no wonder that in the end Indonesia became an agricultural country. There are many types of fruits in Indonesia, from the familiar ones, such as watermelon, durian, jackfruit, banana, guava, rambutan and pineapple to fruits that most of them do not know their names. Unfortunately, this is underutilized. Generally, not many people know about the fruits in Indonesian forests. Currently, most people prefer imported fruits to local fruits. Forest fruit in ancient times was very much, but now its existence is starting to be difficult to find, even almost extinct.

Indonesia still imports fruit from other countries. Indonesia recorded fruit and vegetable imports totaling 148,216 tons with a value of US $ 148.58 million. Apart from the minimum demand, many fruits in Indonesia are already scarce. There are many factors that cause fruits to become almost extinct, one of which is the illegal cutting of trees and forests by communities or companies. Fruits that are very rare today are Kelubi, Keledang, Matoa, Kemunting, and many others.


The Problem

Aurelia Paramita

The results of studies show that the main problems in the local fruits were harvesting, packaging, storage, and transportation. The laboratory studies found that some microbes and insects infecting local fruits.

Farmers of local fruit, especially Salak, are struggling to maintain market demand due to an increasing number of imported fruits. This is because most hotels and restaurants who also have foreign visitors do not prefer having fruits such as Salak because of its spiky skin. Due to the lack of interest in Salak, the farmers who harvest the fruit struggle in selling it, hence they have to process the fruit into something like chips, rujak, etc. so that they won’t have too much losses. Back in 2013, local fruit protection was established to help farmers and urge tourism businesspeople to use local fruits. Despite that, local farmers are still struggling in competing with imported fruits.

Indonesia is a very diverse country with varieties of tropical fruits. However, Indonesia is facing problems in exporting fruits to other countries such as China. A businessman who owns pineapple plantation had difficulties in exporting the fruit because it has not been included in the quarantine protocol agreement. Indonesian products are less competitive because of expensive transportation costs. Unlike some countries in ASEAN who export fruits using land transportation, Indonesia still relies on air transport.


The Impact

Eunike Lovelyn

There are countless impacts that will happen to us if local fruits go extinct. Local fruits plays a huge role in Indonesia’s economy. The demand for these fruits can suddenly disappear and it can really harm our economy. Since we live in a tropical area there’s always a huge demand of those fruits, but what makes it harder to reach the demand is land space. The best way to preserve seeds of local fruits are to plant it rather than storing it away. It might seem as an easy thing to do but as the population increases it’s getting harder to find land to plant the seeds since the land are used for building constructions.

Researchers reported that only common local fruits are being planted again since the demand are always the same that makes less common fruits faster to get extinct. We can say varieties of fruits will decrease in the next years based on reports on how the production has drastically decreased since the 1900s. So just imagine a few years there will be no more of your favorite fruits, what willl you do by then?

We know that fruits plays a huge role in a healty lifestyle but if the price increases because there are less production. When the price gets higher and higher, there will be many citizens who can’t afford it.


Our suggestion

Aurelia P.O

For our suggestion to the Local Indonesian Fruits are to raise the import food so that people can buy local foods and the profit can get from anyone importing foods or by leave the paddy fields out of the industrial as its speed up to the occurrence of losing the diversity of food plants in Indonesia because of the land to reproduce plants are taken away. We can give the farmers more support by providing their needs and helping transport the goods. We also overcome the usage of fruits from our daily lives. Another way to protect our local fruits, is to keep the environment clean and use less pollution so the fruits can grow healthy and safe.

Apart from that, we could also implement a local food festival in each region to raise up the spirit of Indonesian to eat and plant local fruits in their gardens. We also encourage you to sign this petition and share it to your friends and family to raise awareness towards Indonesian local fruits.




From the all explanation above, we now conclude that fruit extinction will get worse as the year goes by and can cause danger to our country and ourselves, the loss we face is nutrition deficiency, which is very much important for human health. We wrote this petition to convince all of us to support our cause because without knowing, fruit extinction can cause a lot of things to our surroundings. Maybe it doesn’t do anything to yourself but there are other people who are suffering because of it. So we are hoping for all of you to support us by signing this petition. Just spare a little bit of your time to sign this petition. Let us make this world a better place for everyone to live in.