STOP VENDETTA POLITICS : Protect the Right to liberty of Mr P Chidambaram

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It has been a month since Former Union Finance and Home Minister Shri.P.Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI in the bogus " INX Media case " in which even the charge sheet is not filed yet. The alleged crime dates back to the year 2007 in granting FDI proposals to a company called INX Media. The FIR was registered in the year 2017 after 10 years. Till date the CBI has not been able to provide a single piece of concrete evidence against Mr.P.Chidambaram. The INX proposal was first examined by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) that includes several senior officials and was headed by the then finance secretary, was signed by 11 other officials without any dissent note and was cleared along with several other proposals of foreign investment. So far none of the officials have been arrested in this case and none of the officers have said anything against Mr.Chidambaram.

The CBI arrested Mr.Chidambaram only to satisfy few people in the government. It is nothing but vendetta politics by the ruling BJP government. Mr.P.Chidambaram who is a senior citizen and a former Union cabinet minister is not being treated well in the prison . He was even denied a chair and pillow. Its really sad that Mr.P.Chidambaram is being denied his fundamental right to liberty on the grounds of a case that has no basis but has been built by a propaganda machinery which relies on the usual tools of gossip, innuendo and false conjenctures.
In view of above I request everyone to sign this petition to show our solidarity with Mr.P.Chidambaram and help protect his Fundamental Right to Liberty.

Let us protest against vendetta politics and fight for developmental and positive governance . Mr P Chidambaram is a legendary expert and a visionary leader . Stalwarts like him should be nurtured and utilised at this time of great distress to the economy and not be subject to vicious harassment.