Take small measures in our everyday life so we can conserve water.

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It is often said that the world can live without love but cannot live without water.This is true and while some people enjoy this luxury there are many who have to struggle to get portable water for their basic requirements.

The world needs water and water needs you. India is suffering from the worst water crisis in its historyand around 600 million people face problems because of severe water shortage. This is not only due to the erratic water supply in areas inhabited by such people but mainly because every day millions of tons of water is wasted by ordinary people.

By signing this petition you will pledge not to waste this precious gift bestowed upon you by the divine masters.

You can save water by the following steps:


1. Are you going to drink that – Only order water in a restaurant if you are going to actually drink it. Too many of us do it out of habit.

2.Make it last a week – Do you grab a fresh towel after every shower? Reusing your towel during the week will save on washing, which will save on water and detergent.

3. Turn off the faucet – When you leave the faucet running to shave or brush your teeth, you are wasting about two gallons each minute.

4. Clean sweep – Use a broom to clean your walkways or driveways instead of washing them with a hose. You could save up to 150 gallons each time you clean.

5. Don’t be a water waster – If you have water in your glass and don’t want to drink it, use it for something else like watering plants or cleaning.

6. Buy recycled paper products – It takes less water to make paper products from recycled materials. If your family uses four rolls of paper towels a week and the product is made from recycled material, you could be saving 637 gallons a year.

7. Wash wisely – When washing fruits or vegetables, wash them in a bowl or pan instead of under a running faucet.

8. Wait to wash – Even if you have a water-efficient washer, it takes about 15 gallons per load. So, instead of doing multiple small loads, do one large load and you will save time and water.

9.Make sure your school's not a water waster-Set up a drum at your school in which you can pour your leftover water from bottles etc,which can be used for other purposes like watering plants.