Strike down Article-370

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The Article 370 of the Indian constitution provides special autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It means that while whole of India follows the provisions laid down in the constitution, the same isn't applicable in J&K. Further, the laws drafted by the Centre - except foreign, defence, finance and communications - won't be followed in J&K unless the state government approves them. 

Article- 370 (In brief)

1)Assembly for 6 yrs

2)Different State flag

3)Dual Citizenship

4)Outsider can’t buy land

5)SC decision not Valid

6)Central Govt can’t enforce more Law

7)15% of the country budget goes to Kashmir.

And in returns what we get is Martyrdom. 

Time has now come for the government to strike down the Article 370 and integrate Jammu and Kashmir with the nation.

Kindly sign the petition if you support the abolishment of section 370. 

For a Safer, Happier and New India! 

Jai Hind