Should we introduce the system of Yellow card and Red card for the parliamentarians?

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Dear Indians,

         The last parliamentary session was a complete wash out, with constant disruptions, shouting and ruckus ( to put it most mildly), which should make us hang our heads in shame. Many important bills were kept hanging, budget was passed without discussion. 

          Are these the honourable  parliamentarians we sent to look after our national interests, discussing the way forward for progress, harmony, peace, prosperity of our country and our people? But for these respectable MPs, any other adult group elsewhere would have been named and shamed as hooligans. They wasted an entire session of parliament without discussing anything worthwhile, but tried to score browny points for their own personal and political gains!

          What did Mother India and her children, us - the Indian citizens, got out of it?

Nothing !

          Could we not then change the system of parliamentary function?

       Suppose an MP behaves badly and constantly disrupts the functioning of the parliament, then he should be shown a yellow card, as a warning as in football, and after two yellow card warnings be sent out of the Loksabha or Rajyasabha ( so too in Vidhansabhas). S/He or they, the whole lot (if the entire party is involved), be then asked to sit in an adjacent room in the Parliament, where they still have the  full access to and hear what is going on in the central legislative assembly, but can not disrupt the proceedings and are even allowed to vote from there or voice their opinions, with TV, earphones and microphone. The person may even be allowed to come in to express his or her view, when their turn comes, in a peaceful manner and if the person is willing to participate peacefully then one can return to the central assembly and take part as usual. On the other hand if even in the outside room they create ruckus, breakdown furniture, fixture, the TV, mike, benches  and don't allow others to take part in or interfere with them which prevents them from following what is going on inside,  then the MP gets a red card and becomes automatically suspended, till he pays the fine for disruptions and breakages and the money is deducted from his salary. And this should go on his record.

      Lastly those who have not contributed positively for the welfare of the nation but have only disrupted the ongoing sessions would lose permanent pension. This would prevent any disruption and the work would happen. And the entire proceeding should continuously be available to the nation, so that the people would know what kind of work the MPs are doing. And MPs who try to divide the nation and citizens in the name of religion, caste, geography and deliberately spew venom should be blacklisted. 

May be some form of scorecard of their performance in the parliament would motivate them to work positively.