I support CAA

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There is a lot of hue and cry about Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Politically motivated campaigns and protests are being organized across India. Vandalism, Hooliganism, destruction of public property, disruption of life is rampant. This is being done at the behest of entities that want to spread confusion, chaos and want to break India by inciting violence in the garb of (pseduo) secularism. If anything, this pseudo secularism has inflicted the most damage to the progress of India. 

There are over 620 Universities and 45,000 Colleges of various types in the country, yet only JNU, Jamia, AMU have become the epicentre of protests and vandalism. This tells the reasons why these protests need to be boycotted.

CAA is an act that does not take away anybody's rights. It is about granting right to a diginified life to minorities who are victims of religious persecution in Islamic Republics of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan. It is quite obvious that only non-muslims are the minorities in countries that are Islamic republic by their written constitution.

CAB was proposed, debated upon, voted and passed in Parliament. It was enacted in an absolutely constitutional manner. Those who understand constitution, know that CAA does not, in any way, interfere with article 14 of The constitution. 

A political party with merely 50 seats in Parliament has raked up this issue to such proportions that whole nation has been held to ransom. Some chronically constipated bollywood entities and so-called intellectuals have also joined the bandwagon of protest to extend a false credibility to the motivated campaign of breaking India in the name of anti-CAA protests.

Lots of people compare CAA with Rohingyas. There are 55 Islamic countries in the world. So Rohingyas have enough choices, why should they be allowed to burden a populous India's resources. On the other hand, minorities in our neighboring Islamic countries have nowhere else to go, but India. And I am happy to give refuge in my home to victimised Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jainis, Parsis or Christians. If you are willing to give refuge to Rohingyas in your home, then only you should support them, not otherwise.

We must believe in the idea of humanity and religion, ethnicity, race, creed or color of skin should NOT be a differentiating factor in deciding how individuals should be treated. But today it is an unfortunate reality in the entire world that radicalism, extremism and terrorism have become synonymous with one particular community. Those who truly believe in peace and humanity, should work towards changing this perception of them.

This is an appeal to all the citizens of India, especially the millenials, to understand CAA in its entirety, its implications and why it is necessary as a matter of human rights for victimised and marginalized minority in Islamic countries. 

CAA is pro-human rights for minorities, who are facing brutalities, persecution, forced conversion, murders, rapes, and all kinds of actrocities in our neighboring Islamic countries, where the idea of secularism, peace and humanity just cannot survive.

CAA is not against anyone. It is pro-humanity and peace. Therefore, I support CAA. Do you ?