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I Pledge to Celebrate a Noise-Free Diwali to #KeepOurAnimalsSafe

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Being a mother of seven dogs is a blessing but our nightmare is around the corner. The festival of lights is coming soon. The terror of fire-crackers for my babies and other animals all over the country is real. I have seen so many dogs shiver and shake in fear under the bed, many animals get lost and suffer from severe injuries. Do you know what a dog goes through? Poh would like to share his experience with you.

Woof Woof Hoomans,

If we were meeting right now I would have jumped with joy, wagged my tail in frenzy and kissed your cheek! I love people and furry friends, they are super cool and fun to be with. I love to smell everything, discover new places, lick and eat everything!

But loud noises scare me, when I’m sleeping or walking about, big bombs burst everywhere. The smoke and sound hurt me. I get confused and terrified, finding a safe place is very hard because the loud sound is everywhere. Sometimes, people also tie the firecrackers to the tails or around the neck of animals, it burns our skin and pains so bad. Diwali is coming soon and I’m worried what will happen to me and my friends.

Many of my furry friends run out of their home due to stress and fear. Some get into road incidents and die too, big bombs and sparks are so frightening. We have a sharper sense of hearing than the hoomans, the noise of crackers is so loud it hurts. Hundreds of dogs and other animals are injured, the toxic fumes in the air due to crackers also takes a toll on everyone causing respiratory problems, eye allergies and skin rashes.

Almost all dogs suffer from anxiety and start shaking, trembling, drooling, barking and howling. They try to hide under beds or behind doors or get into or out of the house, other enclosures and are too scared to even eat. You know how much we love food!

Can you help us? I know some people find joy and happiness when they burst crackers but all the animals like me suffer and we need your support. Please don’t burst crackers and ask other human friends to celebrate a safe and noise-free Diwali.

We can have a great Diwali without crackers too! Eat loads of sweet, party with family and friends and buy presents!

Please pledge your support by signing this petition to help me and my friends enjoy a safe and noise-free Diwali.

Thank you for your support, Hooman! Bow Bow,

Your stand and support will help our babies immensely. Let’s take the pledge this Diwali and #KeepOurAnimalsSafe!

 Saira Sayani

Animal Activist

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