Govt blames Pak after Local youth kills CRPF - The headlines of Times of India.Boycott it

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"Govt blames Pak after local youth rams CRPF convoy with IED-packed SUV in worst terror hit on J&K forces." This was their exact headlines.

In one of the biggest terror attacks in recent times, where 44 CRPF soldiers were martyred, this is how the Times of India insults their sacrifice.

Times of India journalist Saleem Pandit referred to the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists, even after they have claimed responsibility of the attack, as ‘local youth’.It is disgraceful. The article further reads how the Indian government ‘held Pakistan directly responsible for the attack’. India didn’t even have to ‘hold’ Pakistan responsible for the attack. Jaish-e-Mohammad, a terror group nurtured and nourished on Pakistan soil, had already claimed responsibility for it within hours of the terror attack.

Approximately, 50 crore people are readers of times of India and It is we, the citizens of India that have given them this power. Imagine being a mother,father,son,daughter to a martyred soldier and reading such a headline.

Let us strip them of this power. Let us show that we can take back this power


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Below are the reference websites that have clearly condemned TOI and caused them to edit their online title but TOI still haven’t apologized. In fact, they have justified it. Having said that even an apology isn't enough.


RIP Indian Brave Hearts of Pulwama Attack

We will not forgive, We will not forget