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Freedom to eat what people have been eating for centuries

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In the enthusiasm of protecting the bovine of the species, some misguided fundamentalists are now beginning to dictate what we should and shouldn't eat. I see their point of view, which is woefully narrow. Beef, is another form of protein like chicken and mutton. Due to religious reasons most do not eat beef, that is perfectly understandable and their sentiments respected. That does not give the lawmakers the right to impose their beliefs on people who do not worship the Cow! This is a free democratic country. Everyone has the right to life and freedom to eat what they wish. On another note, beef is the only low cost red meat that a person of low economic means can afford. With this imposition, they will be deprived of this nourishment.

I implore you to raise your voice against this imposition. We need to live in a tolerant society. We have to make sure that we will not be taken for granted.

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