End of Virtual Shutdown in Kashmir

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On 5th August 2019 Articles 370 & 35A of the Constitution of india providing special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir were scrapped by the Government of India. Since these two Articles over a period of time had attained emotional ties with the people of state and it was easily contemplated that any tampering with these Articles could lead to the political outburst within state. So as a precautionary measure the Government had imposed restrictive measures including political detentions, information blackout, Curfews and crackdown to name a few. Although not a single bullet was fired as no protest turned violent during all these days, which Is definitely relieving. But there is a deep sense of resentment among the people against this move of government which is evident from the fact that it has been more than 50 days now that the shutdown stills persists there. The situation seems to have got out of the hands of government as the people have resorted to the civil curfew and the government seems to be helpless in restoring normalcy in Kashmir Valley.

Through all these days the students have not visited theirs schools, colleges or Universities. The mainstream political leaders including former Chief Ministers, Parliamentarians, Legislators who have stood through thick and thin with Government of India have been detained, There is no access to any kind of opportunity available to the unemployed youth as the communication blackout stills exists within valley, there are lot more people in the valley who have no whereabouts of their nears and dears, there is shortage of essential food and medicine on ground, the people suffering from Various kinds of ailments are facing difficulties in reaching hospitals as the public transport is off the roads, the Horticulture sector is badly hit and many other kinds of inconvenience still exists on ground Zero.

therefore a humble request to all well thinking fellow citizens of my country to come forward  and help the people of Jammu and Kashmir restore their dignity and liberty.