Compulsory Educational Qualification for politicians

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Hi all, ever wondered why do we lack so much still despite having the best of talents in the country? 

The root cause is ofcourse corruption.

But there is another problem:

”Our so called representatives sitting in the parliament responsible for framing the laws and deciding the path in which the country heads are mostly criminals and mostly uneducated people”

Wonder that we live in a country where to be a gatekeeper/security guard one needs to do 10th standard but no such essential qualification criteria for entering politics. 

Imagine those highly talented and qualified IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS officers are folding there hands and bending their heads in front of these illiterates who cant even talk something senseful if they aren’t given their speech scripts.

The educated class is working hard, paying taxes, contributing to the growth of nation and what about these torchbearers of the nation? They are looting common man’s money. 

I feel its wrong as the salary and allowances received by member of parliaare taxed under the head “income from other sources” and consequently, no income-tax is deducted at source. The daily allowance and constituency allowance are exempt from income tax.

Okay i agree that many of them really do a lot of work and deserve but that down solve the issues common man is facing.

1) Are we secure in our own country? Riots/Robbery/Rapes/Attack/Moestation/Kidnapping and what not. Is the Govt. really incapable of handling them? Then why do they sit on the chair? Why do they raise all these issues in their election menifesto?

2) They take money from us in the form of direct/indirect taxes, use that money to build roads and then take heavy toll from us again on the name of that road. And the joke is, they take the credit for making them.

3) Every year it rains heavily and roads are distorted. We have so much grown in our understanding of science and technology but is it really possible that we cant figure out a good solution to develop a steady infrastructure? But the fact is if they come up with a permanent solution to fix potholes, then how will they issue tenders every year to the contractor (who can be their close relative also) and take a hefty cut from them. Actually, it is not the contractor only at fault, he has to pay bribe to everyone in the department and has to also quote the lowest price offer for getting the work. So it is pretty obvious that the quality of work will be poor.

4) The Government penalizes common man for not filing IT/Service tax etc. By chance if you didn’t pay on time, they will impose interest on it. You dont file GST return by 20th of every month and you have to pay a penalty on daily basis. But all these businessmen who default loan, emigrated aren’t caught and rather made a scapegoat for political benefits.

5) Fine, we agree to pay late fees and penalties but then penalize that civic official/politician/contractor also whose mistake lead to pothole death/bridge collapses.

6) Rape after Rape, death after death and now the worst part is rape of a 5-6 year old kid(are those rapists animal) but we are still deabting and discussing all this rather than framing strict law and immediate punishment for the rapist which should not be less than “to be hang till death”

The problems are never ending but we need to look for a solution. 

And the start has to be making PG with the study of subject like Sociology, Public administration, Economics, Anthropology, Law etc minimum education compulsory for entering politics or standing for any election. If the representatives are illetrate, what will they represent?