Leave the statue of General Granbury standing in the Square of Hood County.

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Erasing Signs of History does not change history. The Civil War was about the rights of States to make their own decisions. Texas was a state in the Confederacy, are we going to rewrite history to make it fit the Woke view of the world? Getting rid of statues, names of towns, names of county's, names of streets, names of schools, will not change the fact that over 600,000 Americans died to make an economic  and social change to our country. It is important to remember that for those that fought and died as members of the Confederate States of America, their lose was just as important to them and their families as was the death of those members of the United States of America and their families. The War between the States was an important event in the life of our country. Trying to erase that event will not erase the fact that it happened and that love of country and heroism on both sides of the conflict are important to remember and honor. So learn our history don't try and erase or change it. I am a great grandson of a confederate veteran and I resent the dishonoring of the veterans of that conflict on both sides. Leave the Gen. Granbury Statue where it is!