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Get into the Green Scene – Eliminate PLASTIC!

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When it pours, it rains; when it rains, it floods. Why is this so? Because of GenSan's topography and geographical features, it has been prone to inundating flooding. To top that, we have critical waterways being choked, leaving excess water no choice but to consume the streets. Focusing on the waterways, many of them are shallow. This is either due to its construction infirmities, or due to the accumulated masses of TRASH that blocked the drainage system.

What else does unwanted TRASH encumber us? The STENCH. Garbage disposal is horribly terrible in quite a number of places. Just recently, we took a visit at a public transport terminal. Despite the number of garbage bins present, it got full and, eventually, disgorged some of its contents. There and there, before our eyes, we witnessed how that gross liquid residue at the bottom of the bins invaded the whole area that smelled like fecal matter.

Some attractions and tourist spots are also dressed with TRASH. This bears catty comments and snide remarks and impressions from those who visit these places. Litter is definitely an eyesore that stains a white-clean reputation.

Moreover, what are we trying to pinpoint over here? Well, TRASH, apparently, isn't the source of all our problems, but it certainly is a contributor for the uncountable problems here in General Santos City. The local government had run programs and many private groups have come to the scene to send assistance. In spite of all these efforts, there are still cases of TRASH that tirelessly burden us. We have determined the problem to be on the part of the citizens. Proper waste management must be reiterated again and again until it is fully established and developed as a habit.

It's somewhat ironic, but why are we letting ourselves suffer by our own hands?

Seeing as how clean-up drives only provide temporary relief, we have decided to pluck the weed by its roots. We have come up with a social campaign entitled: "Get into the Green Scene – Eliminate PLASTIC!", where PLASTIC stands for eco-saving ideas.

  • P- Plastic Bottles. Bring your own water bottle. Avoid buying as much as possible.
  • L- Lunch Packaging. Styrofoam takes time to decompose. Avoid having to buy take-out orders.
  • A- Appliances. Don’t just throw them out the window, save the spare parts.
  • S- Scrap metal. Junkshops can convert these “garbage” into CASH.
  • T- Textile. Got unused clothes? Donate them or turn them into something useful like rags or planters.
  • I- “Insignificant trash”. No garbage is SMALL. Even those candy wrappers can clog drains by the masses.
  • C- Ceramics. Unlike glass, ceramics aren’t readily recycled. Ensure proper disposal of such materials .

Should this petition win, we hope to get in touch with other groups to promote and teach the citizens (one group at a time) proper waste management. Once this habit is formed, it will be hopefully hard to break.

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