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Petitioning City of El Paso

Citizens of El Paso: Support the Three Legged Monkey


Citizens of El Paso are just beginning to receive their annual property tax bills and are left wondering why the significant hikes? Look no further than this example of wasteful spending attacking a small business owner. Just released freedom of information requests bring to light the level of harassment against the Three Legged Monkey. These attacks range from officers repeatedly harassing customers and attempting narcotics buys inside the establishment. When these attacks failed the City then proceeded to acquire the Patriot Place property in a 2.9 million dollar land grab, simply to evict the Three Legged Monkey ( The City Manager is not an elected official and has no term limits. Currently City Council is in the process of evaluating the City Manager, please reach out to your City Representative and let them know this type of waste is simply unacceptable. City Representatives must understand that they work for the people and not the City Manager. If they choose to proceed on this path of wasteful spending and disdain for small business, voters will have the opportunity to replace them during the upcoming elections.

Letter to
City of El Paso
Plain and simple... we ask that the City of El Paso stop attacks against the Three Legged Monkey.