Make Waste Connections in Duncan Oklahoma great again!

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Lately trash Service in Duncan has declined. Carts are not being picked up simply because lids are not closed all the way.  Trash placed beside the carts are not picked up. Trash is pulled out of carts and left at curbs. Carts are left in the streets. Recycle material is scattered throughout neighborhoods. Citizens are forced to pay for services they don't use. Rules are so strict that it is impossible to make them happy. A large box blew into an older womans house and she put it by the curb. The box sat there over a month. They simply do not care about the citizens and it is us who pay their salaries! Reps from waste connections have came and talked to the citizens at the council meetings and have left with empty promises. No changes have been made. The transfer stations have so many rules it is not convenient. They turn you away if you don't have your load tarped good enough. They simply do not want to do their jobs. It's time to for waste connections to meet our needs or we will get another garbage contractor! Make Waste Connections great again so Duncan Oklahoma can be great again!