TOO BIG for BEVERLY! Call on Planning Board to deny special permits for Depot II project!

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Windover Development/Beverly Crossing/ Depot Square Phase II, LLC  (the “developer”) has applied for Special Permits to build Depot Square Phase II -- 115 market rate units located across from Odell Park, the train station, and the Post Office. 

Depot II (the “project”), is TOO BIG (mass and scale) and should NOT be granted special permits!

•         The developer seeks a special permit to exceed 55 foot building height limits.  The design does not meet the City’s Design Guidelines for Tall Buildings in many respects.

•         The developer seeks a special permit for a reduced number of required parking spaces without comprehensive understanding of traffic impacts.

•         The developer seeks a special permit for relief under the Inclusionary Housing Regulation. 115 units of housing would be built WITHOUT any on-site affordable units, violating the intention of the city’s inclusionary housing ordinance.

•         The developer violates many points of Zoning criteria associated with Site Plan review.  This project will have adverse values on all properties in the district, will create traffic, be a hazard and nuisance, and will negatively impact the city’s resources.

•         The developer has manipulated state and federal tax credit programs. Despite receiving $2.2 million in credits, this project will result in the demolition of 3 National Register listed buildings. 

Beverly CAN do transit-oriented housing in scale appropriate to the historical context, with on-site parking appropriate for the building scale, AND include much-needed affordable housing within the project.

So let’s work with the developer and push them to do it right for Beverly. Save one of Beverly MA's most significant civic landscapes.

Please sign this petition for us to present to each committee as it reviews the developer’s plans, and send an email to to join the rising tide of citizens who care about retaining the special character of Beverly. We will keep you informed of upcoming meetings where your presence will be invaluable.

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