Bring the Battleship USS Texas to Baytown

Bring the Battleship USS Texas to Baytown

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Fulton Rivers started this petition to Citizens of Baytown, Texas and the State of Texas

The aging Battleship Texas, BB35 will be temporarily moved to an out state shipyard for much-needed repairs, near the close of 2019.

Place and date to be determined soon.

But after repairs are completed, the battleship will not be returned to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site near La Porte/Deer Park, its home for more than 70 years.

The way state Rep. John Cyrier saw it, a yet-to-be determined site at Galveston would draw more tourists to the battleship, and those ticket sales would boost revenue and pay for the ship’s future maintenance costs. Mant disagree with the Galveston location and so far there has been no real interest from Galveston or any other Texas city to take the USS Texas. The debate continues though many avenues.

Cain said moving Battleship Texas to Galveston hadn’t been discussed at all during committee hearings on the bill. If people had known that was a possibility, he said, there would have been an outcry.

Cain added an amendment to the original bill that stated the ship must be returned to its current home, but a legislative conference committee later removed the measure.

Both critics of the bill said they appreciated its intent.

The USS Texas, (the battleship is more than 100 years old) and saw action in both world wars. Its rusting hull is paper-thin in some places, Cyrier said, and water has to be continually pumped out of the leaking ship.

The bill has been passed, the State of Texas Parks has entered into a 99-year agreement with a nonprofit organization, The Battleship Texas Foundation. They would take over day-to-day operations of the ship and pay for its future maintenance.

“This is an ideal public-private partnership,” said Tony Gregory, the foundation’s chairman, who testified in support of the bill at a House committee hearings.

“For awhile now we’ve been searching for a better answer to the problems of the ship,” Gregory said.

It would cost $35 million to transport and repair Battleship Texas. Taxpayer funding for this project has been set aside in a separate appropriations.

Past appropriations have been used to repair the ship for a dry berth at San Jacinto. But when surveyors discovered that the ship could not support herself in this berth due to failure of structural members, the money was spent to repair the Battleship in order to support herself in the proposed dry berth. But no additional funds were appropriated to build the berth. So she sat and rusted away.

We the undersigned wish to see this ship repaired, sent to be berthed at Bayland Park in Baytown, TX..


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