Justice For Demarco

Justice For Demarco

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The Chase Files started this petition to Citizens of Barbados and

This morning I am sad to report that 10 year old Demarco Gibbs is now brain dead. He was beaten by four boys and struck in the back of the head, suffering brain damage from the incident.There is nothing more the medical team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital can do for him and they have done their utmost best. His mother Tricia Gibbs is totally distraught.

Miss Gibbs fears there will be no justice for her 10-year-old son Demarco Gibbs Who now will not be in a position to give police a formal statement because of his vegetative state.

To date the culprits responsible for beating him unmercifully have not been apprehended or their parents held to account.

The laws of Barbados need to be amended to charge children as adults when they commit heinous crimes. Their parents must also be held accountable. 

The time for change is NOW!! 

I firmly believe that it is time parents are held accountable for the actions of their children who are "minors" in the eyes of the law so they think that they can get away with committing their brutal crimes!!

It must stop. CHARGE THEM!! The time for CHANGE is NOW!

I remember that little Princess Margaret School boy ELROY GIBSON was his name. On September 18, 2009 he got bullied, run all down six roads and ended up being struck by a car fleeing for his life!! He died two days later at the QEH. That case took 11 years to call. The boys now MEN who committed the act "apologized" and never spent a day in prison!! The judge is now contemplating awarding $50,000 settlement to the parents of the deceased. I am tired of these "children" who think they are adults and who are abetted by their parents hiding and being protected by the law after they bully, physically and psychologically assault other peoples children. These children hide behind the law.

It is time to take a tough stance against bullying in Barbados. Too many children have been physically, verbally & psychologically attacked. The damage often irreparable.

Parents you need to set a better example for your children. You know the things your children are capable of. You know what they have done. Do the right thing. Be accountable take those four boys to the nearest police station before it’s  too late. Failure to act is failure to show remorse for the state Demarco Gibbs is in. 

Please join me in calling for justice for Demarco Gibbs by signing this petition. 

Stephanie F. Chase #TheChaseFiles 

Educator, Cultural Pratitioner, Social Activist, Philanthropist, Habitual Dream-chaser & Lover of Life! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!