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Water is a life surviving resource and it's availability is going down day by day. To leverage this situation, even the rates of water tankers have increased. Our media has been constantly covering this issue. Find a few articles here:

There is an immediate need for all the citizens to wake up and start saving and using water judiciously.

Here are some ways I suggest we can start saving water. It is the small initiatives taken by the large group that will make the difference. I am sure a lot of us will understand the issue and take measures to use our resources in more judicious way.

  • Use glass of water to brush teeth - One of our daily activities that needs water is brushing our teeth. Instead of using the tap water and keep it running while brushing our teeth, we should use a glass of water/bottle to brush our teeth. Brushing you teeth daily twice a day will save 2-4 litres/day or 15-30 litres/week.
  • Use bucket to bath instead of showers - Using mug & bucket for bath instead of long duration showers will also save a lot of water. For every bath, you will save 10-15 litres. If you bath daily, you will save 70-100 litres/week.
  • Wet cleaning alternate days - We can reduce wet mopping of floor every alternate day to save water. It can save about 7-10 litres/day translating to 20-30 litres/week being saved.
  • Conserve waste water from RO filters - To purify 1 litre water, around 4 litre water is wasted. An average adult consume 2 litre water for drinking. This means almost 8 litre water goes into sink per person. This water can be used for cleaning, plants, etc. You can save 55-60 litres/week.

At best, you can easily save 220 litres every week and imagine how many people will get access to this water.