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Help the 1 million people in the Indian slums

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"We can't have it so there are skyscrapers side by side with slums."

  1. We want the Australian Government to sponsor an  individual group located in Australia that helps people in the slums by having volunteers to go around to people asking for  canned food, money, clean water, old clothes, medicine or anything that they don't need anymore. According to how many items they give they get discount coupons on different merchandise(e.g. 3 items= 1 discount coupon on chosen variety). The coupons will be sponsored by the government. To scale-up the delivery of basic infrastructure services for safe water, sanitation, better and affordable housing, waste removal and access to land tenure rights through collaborative efforts with local people and municipal authorities.
  2. A programme should be made to allow the people and other larger communities to speak their opinions and problems. So their voice can be heard on upgrading the slums condition.
  3. Efforts to ensure that additional and affordable land and housing are available for growing low-income communities.
  4. 200 youths will have secure jobs running the recycling facilities. These youths should work to help clean the water such as their rivers to secure a reliable water source. In exchange for their hardwork for a dedicated 1 year without any problems 5,000 families will be provided with affordable water and sanitation services. This will :

  • Expand secure employment and income generating opportunities for youth groups, through supporting recycling enterprises and providing low-cost water and sanitation services to communities.
  • Improve community hygiene, reduce waterborne disease rates, and tackle the problem of waste.
  • Reduce the costs of basic water and sanitation services for poor people.

By doing this you could make people's lives better. You can make them happy. 

We want people to see that life in Indian slums can change with just your signature.

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