The situation keeps worsening in Tibet. The Chinese government has removed the most fundamental rights of Tibetans. Since 2011, more than 100 monks, nuns and Tibetan civilians were forced to set themselves on fire to express their despair at Chinese repression.

As concerned citizens, worthy heirs of the fundamental values of democratic countries, we are asking parliamentarians to adopt a parliamentary resolution that will renew the dialogue between the Chinese government and Tibetan Prime Minister. 

We also urge political leaders to support resolutions and every efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Tibet issue to ensure the protection of its people, its culture survival now threatened by a real cultural genocide and the protection of the environment.

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Letter to
Members of National Assemblies, political leaders
Citizens movement in support of the Tibetan people

Dear members of Parliament
Our associations are calling on you to raise awareness on the alarming situation in Tibet.
Since the demonstrations led by Buddhist monks in Lhasa in 2008, the city has been under siege. The Chinese army has sent tanks, troops and snipers to spread terror and muzzle the population. The situation is similar to undeclared martial law.
The Tibetan people have to face the daily violation of human rights and the suppression of other fundamental rights - the freedom to gather or to demonstrate.
In addition, since 2011, repressive measures have been increasing, in particular in the area of Kirti Monastery in Sichuan Province. The police patrol the monastery and no one can approach it. Foreign media were denied access to Tibetan areas of political unrest, and Chinese television has not broadcast the protests.
The Tibetans who spoke out in defence of their right to practice their religion freely have been imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, and received very severe sentences.
About fifty (maintenant , 104+) ou 105 ou more than 100 people Tibetans men and women, lay and religious persons, including 20 teenagershave resorted to self-immolation since.
Although initially mainly monks and nuns self-immolated, nowadays common people, some of whom are just adolescents, also resort to this tragic practice. The population’s feelings of total despair explain these acts, as they are the only form of resistance that they have left.
Tibetans are forced to live in constant fear and face intimidation and suspicion on a regular basis. Some of them choose death over a life of oppression.
Under the leadership of the Dalai Lama, they are called to respect non-violence vis-à-vis the Chinese authorities. Therefore, sacrificing themselves is a means of expressing their suffering without hurting others. It is also a way to protest against the worsening of Chinese repression.
While these desperate acts may elicit compassion from the international community for those people in severe pain, Beijing sees them as acts of terrorism. Moreover, Chinese Vice President Ho Peng said that war and the use of force were essential to maintaining peace and security in Tibet.
France and Governments in the world must address this situation that undermines our nation’s most fundamental values.
As signatories of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, we cannot let this situation continue.
We have a responsibility that extends beyond our borders - a universal responsibility.
What would it mean to be democracies supporting human freedom and dignity if we are unable to turn our values into concrete actions?
France is concerned for the plight of the Tibetan people. Information committees have been created in the National Assembly since 1989 and in the Senate since 2000. They are dedicated to fighting against the disappearance of the Tibetan people as well as its cultural and religious heritage – its language, customs and traditions, which are a treasure for humanity.
On January 23, 2012, Mr. Jean Francois Humbert intervened in the Senate during the session on "the denial of the genocides recognized by law" and on March 6, a draft resolution on the respect of freedom of speech was submitted to the National Assembly by Lionnel Luca.
For its part, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill calling on China to stop its repressive policies in Tibet. It also demanded that journalists and foreign diplomats be allowed to access the area. A similar resolution was adopted by sixty members of the Japanese House of Representatives following the arrival of the Tibetan Prime Minister in Tokyo, upon which the European Parliament also passed a resolution.
Now France should also take strong action so that China puts an end to this situation of violence and allows foreign journalists to access the area.
Tibetans want the Chinese government to respect human rights, their own cultural identity, and their freedom to practise their religion.
Democracies have a duty to fight for the people who want their fundamental rights to be respected.
Speaking out for them is acting for the rights of all peoples and nations to preserve their own character and values.
By committing to intervene so that China resumes dialogue, stops using violence, and allows journalists and foreign diplomats to access the Tibetan region, you will participate in the fight for the universality of human rights.
Yours sincerely,

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