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Lower legal age to consume and purchase alcohol to 18

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The legal age in America is 21 on an outdated act that has shown nothing but negative effects. If the age was to be changed to 18, it will be better in all aspects of society. It will instill a sense of responsibility to parents to educate their children about alcohol and make it available to them in a controlled environment, this way when they are at a party or social event, they will know how to handle themselves and how much alcohol their body can handle. In Europe, where there is a lower or even no drinking age in many countries, it's shown that there are lower death rates and much more rare to see a death or incident that is alcohol related. Whether it’s over drinking, drinking and driving, etc. America seems to suffer from alcohol the most, This is a direct correlation to the age in which alcohol can be consumed. When young adults are told to stay away from a substance they are even more likely to abuse it. This also desensitizes laws and causes people to not respect the law. Countries in Europe are a prime and real example of how beneficial lowering the drinking age would be for America. Since the National Minimum Drinking Age passed the number of DUI’s for those in the 18-21 age bracket has increased: 53% of fatal DUI’s are caused by drivers 18-21. Once a person enters the 21-24 age bracket they are 18%  less likely to be in a fatal DUI. All the numbers lean towards lowering the legal age, but without your support, change cannot be made.

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