Stop the Plane Noise from John Wayne Airport

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For over two years residents of Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and Aliso Viejo have been under siege from low flying aircraft from John Wayne Airport, owned and operated by the County of Orange. These planes are flying a targeted and narrow flight path that has created non-stop noise, a public nuisance and destroyed residents’ quiet enjoyment of their homes. This has created stress, physical and emotional illness, significant pollution and a loss of property values. Since this new flight path was implemented in March 2017 it has worsened significantly. 

South Orange County residents appealed to the Orange County Board of Supervisors for relief from the noise. The Board of Supervisors advised us they would address the issue. In November 2016, they joined with Newport Beach to sue the FAA to do an environmental impact study. When we asked for updates we were told the Supervisors couldn’t discuss it until the lawsuit was over. The lawsuit was settled in January 2018. This settlement did NOTHING to address South County residents’ concerns. In fact, this settlement formalized the flight path that has been causing all the noise, pollution and health/safety issues in our area. We, the residents of South Orange County were not represented and our best interests were entirely ignored by our Supervisors. 

We are requesting that the Supervisors: 

  1. Address the adverse effects upon South OC that their non-action has created by whatever means necessary.
  2. Expand noise limits under Ordinance 2-1-30 into South OC under the new flight path.
  3. Request that the planes fly farther out over the ocean to gain altitude before turning back to cross-land.
  4. Request that all planes fly much higher and cross-land at a minimum of 18,000 ft. to minimize the noise impact in South OC.  

Flying farther out over the ocean and crossing land at a higher altitude is what we were told was the solution at a May 2017 meeting by one of the Supervisors and that they would work for that solution. This did not occur.

If you have been adversely impacted by the Supervisor’s inaction on our behalf in South Orange County, please sign the petition and let your voice be heard. Our interests have been ignored and we bear the brunt of this egregious flight path change.