Citizens for Kaysville Limited Growth, Response to HG Ventures Proposal

Citizens for Kaysville Limited Growth, Response to HG Ventures Proposal

August 26, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Laurene Starkey

More changes are coming to Kaysville. Below is a petition for limited growth in Kaysville.  This is an opportunity to let the city council and Mayor know that we are an interested and involved community, and that it is our community.  We have a chance to voice our desire for the future of Kaysville. Three of the city council members are running for re-election. 

You can sign the petition below or we have a petition that you can sign in person.  We need as many signatures as possible. Please feel free to send this along to family, friends, neighbors, work buddies, and any other Kaysville residents that you feel would be interested. If you have people that want to sign in person, let us know and we will get the petition to them.  

Councilmember John Adams and Perry Oaks met with us on Tuesday. 

Wednesday 9/6 from 7 to 9 PM. Councilmember Nate Jackson,  ​Mike Blackham and his wife, Abbigayle Hunt, Mayor Tran, City Manager Jaysen Christensen  heard and addressed  questions, thoughts, and response to th​is issue.     

We are hoping to fill the room this Thursday 9/7 at the city council meeting 7 PM.  

The agenda:

If you would like to speak at the council meeting, come 15 minutes early.  There is a table set up and a paper to sign up to speak. Public comment allowed has been 5 persons, to speak for 3 minutes each.  

We really appreciate any and all help that any can give; this is an opportunity to have a voice.  The more people, the bigger the voice.  Will you please share?

Project: Creekside Commons  521 W 350 N
* 160 Apartments: 2-80 apartment buildings

* 114 Room Hotel

* Commercial Building

* Office Building

Kaysville Aug 10 Planning Commission   

A vote on this issue is anticipated:  7 September 2023 7 PM. 

Citizens may arrive at 6:30 PM to speak with council members/ sign up to voice public comment.  

Look for Aug 10 Planning Commission, you can scroll down, and download the files   Packet  (184 pages)   Item  6- PUBLIC HEARING FOR A REZONE APPLICATION FROM PHIL HOLLAND FOR 521 WEST 350 NORTH 


Note the sketches on pp 42, 43, 44 are misleading and have not been revised to show 4 story apartment buildings.   After acceptance from the planning Commissions suggestion to go from 3 to 4 stories.  The original proposal was 132 apartments.  With 274 apartments planned, plus office (10 expected ) and commercial space (10) .  Concern is being voiced about the plan for 302 parking spaces.  Where will the overflow parking go?  

Citizen response, petition to Kaysville Mayor and City Council:

August 31, 2023 

To: Kaysville City Mayor and City Council, 

Subject: Petition Re: Kaysville Growth and Proposed Project “Creekside Commons” by HG Ventures @ 

521 West 350 North Kaysville 

We the undersigned love Kaysville and enjoy living in this Hometown community We support limited growth and welcome new families and limited businesses. 

While there are many things about this proposed project that fall in the line with stated City, State, and Federal Goals.   We are not comfortable with the size and some details about the HG Ventures Proposed Project. 

1.     Most of Kaysville’s families live here because they are interested in single family dwelling in a nice “Kaysville Hometown” community.  Three 4 story buildings at the primary entrance to Kaysville would change the Hometown to a growing “Kaysville Metropolis (Def: a very large and densely populated, and commercial city).   How do the citizens feel about losing what they came here for?  Have you asked?   (How do you feel about authorizing and applauding a FIRST SET OF FOUR-STORY buildings for a Hometown of Utah?)

2.    The Federal/State push for multi-level apartment housing is billed as Moderate Income, will such a label make it affordable?  Reports show that “Moderate Income” housing rarely meets cost or affordability goals.

4.    Can Kaysville really supply the Power and Water needed with  already squeezed supplies?   This is like adding more than 275 new families using water and power. 

5.    Schools are already overcrowded.  Is there room for children from these families?

6.    With the proximity of these units to the city’s approved sexual oriented  business zone is less than half a mile in distance going to be included in the sales brochures for these apartments? Or are these really Adult Apartments?

7.    Studies indicate that changing residents from ownership to rental is a recipe for  property degradation.  Is that what this city needs for the entrance to Kaysville?

9. Current Traffic Issues will get worse.  Many of the citizens do not accept the “traffic Study” that says there will be little or no impact.

Summary: The proposal for the Creekside Commons project appears too big, too much and LESS THAN FAMILY ORIENTED!

The Creekside Project is TOO MUCH and has a myriad of negative consequences.  We ask that it be rescoped and downsized to something reasonable for Kaysville Hometown! 

To contact the city: 

Mayor & City Council 
City Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at City Hall.
Tran, Tamara
(801) 497-7001
(801) 499-2379
Adams, John Swan
Council Member 
(801) 758-5053
Blackham, Mike
Council Member 
(801) 940-1535
Hunt, Abbigayle
Council Member 
(801) 703-8931
Jackson, Nate
Council Member 
(801) 837-8012
Oaks, Perry
Council Member 
(385) 310-0766

A vote on this issue is scheduled for:  7 September 2023 7 PM. 

Citizens may arrive at 6:30 PM to speak with council members/ sign up to voice public comment.  We invite you, to participate. Will you please come?  or contact the council?   Three council members are running for reelection.  They may be interested in how you feel.  

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Signatures: 201Next Goal: 500
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