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Garrett Rolfe shot and killed Rayshard Brooks. While Brooks was on the ground dying, proof shows Rolfe kicked brooks like a dog. Rolfe was fired within 24 hours by the Atlanta police chief. A judge found grounds to issue 11 warrants against Rolfe who faces charges including MURDER. Rolfe was seen on video. Rolfe has a past history and is expected as part of a coverup in 2015 involving another shooting. The OPS had concerns about him. He had a dozen complaints against him. He had only been reprimanded once. Now racist bad cop supporters are supporting him. THIS KILLING OF BLACK MEN AT THE HANDS OF WHITE COPS NEEDS TO STOP AND STOP NOW. Send a strong message to Atlanta, the courts and the DA that Rolfe should be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to to the maximum penalty allowed by law. That will stop police brutality all over this nation.