Change 5th Street Ext to save lives

Change 5th Street Ext to save lives

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"My name is Binta Rose. I lost my son Rahmean Rose August 30, 2020 on 5th Street Extended to a motorcycle accident. I ask that you please sign this petition  so no one else have to experience the heart-wrenching loss of a child / family member on 5th street."

The conversations been happening. Residents in surrounding neighborhoods have complained at City Council about speeding cars on 5th Street Ext. When exiting from Bailey Rd, Brookwood, Cleveland Ave or 5th Street Station oncoming traffic is going entirely too fast. Too many families in the last year have lost loved ones to accidents on 5th Street. We're demanding change. 

1. Lower the Speed limit.

2. Mandatory high fines for speeding.     

3. A Roundabout or Speed Bumps throughout the 5th Street corridor.

Families are grieving and some are still looking for answers. While we wait for answers we still want to save the next life. NO ONE should have to experience the pain and void the Rose, Brooks, Stinnie, Gough family and many more we don't know by name. Please SIGN this petition. Let's make 5th Street safe for all but most importantly let's save the next life. Thank you.

1,509 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!