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Reinstatement of Missy McCrate!

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Missy McCrate is a teacher who has never once been written up in 16 years of teaching! She puts her heart and soul into her students and teaches because she LOVES it!

I know most of you have heard multiple stories regarding the "resignation" of Missy McCrate. Well, Here is exactly what happened. School was getting ready to dismiss and missy was having her class get their stuff together and cleaned up. She decided to log in to Paul's school account to see if he had finished his homework. At the same time, Paul tried to log into his account too. Paul told his teacher that he couldn't get logged in so someone else must be on his account. Meanwhile, Missy saw what he hadn't completed and was in the process of TYPING HIM A NOTE telling him what he needed to finish before they left the school that afternoon. You know, after hours when teachers work for free to finish things for their students. The middle school principal came to Missy's room and asked her what she was doing and if she was doing Paul's homework. She told him AND showed him the printout of the note she had typed to Paul. He told her that he was going to report her to Mr. Allred. So on Monday, she was called to have a meeting with Mr. Allred. He told her that she wasn't in trouble for being on Paul's account, she was in trouble for using seventeen minutes of personal time during school. He told her that the school lawyer said what she did was immoral multiple times. He told her that he was going to have her fired and she better not try to fight it or she would never teach in Missouri again. So there was a school board meeting. Mr allred LIED to missy and told her that the school board voted 5-1 to fire her but told her that she could resign and he wouldn't try to have her teaching license revoked, among other things. He told her multiple times that she better not try to fight it. So she resigned. Well guess what people?!?! THERE WAS NO VOTE! He told the school board that she was resigning and they never voted on ANYTHING! This is completely unfair and Missy is on the agenda for the school board meeting to tell her side of the story and she needs EVERYONE's support! Please come to the meeting and express your thoughts so that something can be done to fix this!!!

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